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Exploring self-care strategies, personal evolution, Chinese Medicine, and what it takes to be well in a busy world. You know that health and happiness aren’t things you can outsource. You’ve also got a full plate, and making the time to take care of yourself can be challenging. A Healthy Curiosity is here to support you. Host Brodie Welch, L.Ac., is an expert in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, as well as a teacher and practitioner of qi gong, meditation, yoga, lifestyle and diet counseling who tries to walk her talk about health and mindfulness as a recovering Type-A, parent, and business owner. You'll find interviews with fellow experts in Chinese Medicine and natural health care about the conditions we treat and strategies we use clinically; simple self-care tips to help you feel calm, centered, and energized; and personal chats where we explore what gets in the way of our best intentions: perfectionism, big goals, habits and routines, chronic pain, overwork and overwhelm, boundaries, limiting beliefs — and what it takes to overcome such obstacles mindfully.
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Oct 26, 2016

Do your daily habits leave you feeling out of balance? Dr. Michele Summers Colon is a physician (specifically a holistic podiatrist), entrepreneur, yoga instructor, and motivational speaker on a mission to inspire women to live happier, healthier lives that honor their own bodies, wants, and desires. Dr. Michele is also an Ayurvedic practitioner bridging the gap between Western Medicine and Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India. Michele utilized wisdom from the Ayurvedic tradition to heal herself when Western Medicine could not, and now she uses Ayurveda in her practice to help her patients find balance according to their Dosha and the specific imbalances and challenges they encounter.


In this episode, we explore:


  • Doshas: what are they?
  • The significance of the number 3
  • Natural sleep cycles
  • Natural eating cycles
  • When is the best time to exercise?
  • Is breakfast always the most important meal of the day?







The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller

The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Decisions into Massive Success and Happiness by Jeff Olson

Michele’s Website

Oct 19, 2016

In today’s episode, Brodie talks with Alexx Stuart, a woman on a mission to help people detoxify their lives. Alexx runs a website and Podcast, The Low Tox Life, and teaches classes to people seeking to identify and reduce the toxic chemicals in their homes and in their lives. Listen in to learn what you can do to eradicate harmful chemicals in your life and to protect yourself and your loved ones from carcinogens and hormone disruptors in seemingly benign household items.


In this episode, we explore:

  • The ubiquity of toxins in our everyday lives
  • The kinds of products most likely to contain toxins
  • The effects toxins might be having on your body without you knowing
  • 3 simple changes you can make to reduce toxic chemicals in your body
  • The skin: your largest organ
  • Why we all need to have a love/hate relationship with plastic




Alexx’s Website: Low Tox Life

Alexx’s Podcast

Oct 12, 2016

In Episode 15, Brodie talks with Li-lan Hsiang Weiss, Licensed Acupuncturist and practitioner of the Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy. Western medicine is just beginning to understand the link between the digestive system and the brain, but other cultures have been using the brain/digestion relationship for millennia to heal both mind and body. Li-lan’s experience is unique: born in Taiwan and transplanted at an early age to Guatemala, she brings a very multicultural approach to her practice where she focuses on reproductive, digestive, and emotional well-being for women, men, and children.

In this episode, we explore:

  • The Arvigo Technique: what is it, what can it treat?
  • The link between the belly and the nervous system
  • Similarities between Mayan healing practices and Chinese Medicine
  • Other Mayan healing practices
  • What IS vaginal steaming?
  • Emotional tension manifesting physically in the body and what abdominal massage can do to release it



Wind in the Blood:  Mayan Healing and Chinese Medicine by Garcia, Sierra, Balam

Li-Lan’s 2014 case study publication in Journeys in Healing: Inspiring Experiences of Arvigo Practitioners and their Clients available through the Arvigo Institute LLC, where you can also find other Arvigo practitioners, Rainforest Remedies, and Arvigo courses.

How to do a traditional Mayan vaginal steam, video by Natural Fertility Info:


Oct 5, 2016

Is Creativity Your Missing Nutrient?


With Melissa Dinwiddie


In today’s episode, Brodie talks with Melissa Dinwiddie, artist, author, speaker, performer, and creativity instigator, about helping people reclaim their innate creativity and live what Melissa likes to call, “full color, creative lives.” Melissa is a former non-creative person and a recovering perfectionist, so she’s intimately familiar with stifled creativity stemming from both internal and external factors. Melissa wants to change the conversation around creative expression and play, because she believes that creating helps people change the world.


In this episode, we explore:


  • Creativity as an essential part of a vibrant, productive life – why is it so important?
  • Creativity as more than self-indulgence or frivolous pass time
  • Creativity as an innate part of every person, even if they don’t feel creative
  • What leads people to believe they’re not creative?
  • What can people who think they’re not creative do to GET creative?
  • What does creativity have to do with willpower and the prefrontal cortex?
  • What can creativity do for your mood and relationships?
  • The many forms of creativity
  • Negative stereotypes of creative people
  • The value of creating crap




Melissa’s Website

Melissa’s Podcast: Live Creative Now

Melissa on Facebook